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Hi, I'm looking for a zip code box such as […]
Sun, Feb 18, 2018
I like this demo¬†¬†https://dkrinas.jeunesseglobal.com/ . I need a website like […]
Sun, Feb 18, 2018
I'm just making a new business which will be mainly […]
Sun, Feb 18, 2018
I am looking for the experienced website developer who can […]
Sun, Feb 18, 2018
Need help with pushing down or removing negative & false […]
Sun, Feb 18, 2018

How to add your own font in your website

To add styles by using fonts that are not default in machines like Verdana, Tahoma and etc, we need to add our font in our server. Fonts in eot filetype are the fonts that we will be needing. Because the font that are available in our machines are in ttf typically, we need to convert […]

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