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Hi looking for a designer to revamp my website compareuklifeinsurance.co.uk […]
Tue, Jan 16, 2018
Looking for an experienced UI designer proficient in WordPress theme […]
Tue, Jan 16, 2018
I'm looking for something similar to this:  https://www.codeofaninja.com/2011/07/display-facebook-events-to-your-website.html I want to pull […]
Tue, Jan 16, 2018
Go Cardless and PayPal  recurring payment SetupBudget: $10Posted On: January 16, […]
Tue, Jan 16, 2018
I am looking to buy 4 months old WordPress news […]
Tue, Jan 16, 2018

Titanium Appcelerator: [ERROR] File "C:ProgramDataTitaniummobilesdkwin321.6.0androidbuilder.py", line 1626, in

I got this error when I tried for the first time to import and run Kitchensink on Titanium Appcelerator. Actually, I got a lot of error lines after this [ERROR] File “C:ProgramDataTitaniummobilesdkwin321.6.0androidbuilder.py”, line 1626, in . So the first line of the errors is [ERROR] File “C:ProgramDataTitaniummobilesdkwin321.6.0androidbuilder.py”, line 1626, in and followed with more than 20 lines of error after this.

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