Who am I?


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I graduated at MSU-IIT Bachelor of Science major in Electrical Engineering. From my point of view regarding my course, I wanted to become an engineer who invents things to make people’s lives easier. Though I was not able to take the board exam to become a licensed electrical engineer, but I believe that I’m living everyday of my life as an engineer – a different engineer at that though with the softwares I’m creating.


I find it fascinating to create programs that does my routine works like doing an automatic Facebook posting or something that does the organizing of things I should do instead of me doing it manually.


Ok, let’s fast forward….


So I started from desktop applications with Visual Basic programming and Java Programming until I am where I am today – doing Web Development.


I have been working with numerous Content Management Systems (CMS) like Drupal, Exponent, and WordPress and framework like Cakephp.


After more than 10 years of working with several great clients using different CMS’s on theme developments and plugin developments, I now focus on working with WordPress.


I am an active WordPress Plugin contributor who creates WordPress plugins. (WordPress Developer profile)


I develop websites from frontend programming to backend programming.


I offer services such as consultations, fixing bugs, doing setups, creating plugins and its functionality, website maintenance, website backups and updates, website optimizations and other things that involves web development.


Feel free to contact me at Twitter, Facebook, Contact form or email me directly at .
I am open for any suggestions and comments to make this website an awesome website to all. And I hope you enjoy reading and eventually can help you in any way I can.

Sherwin , SherkSpear

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