Adding WordPress Post using my Android Phone

I am scanning android apps for my self hosted WordPress website SherkSpear but failed to found one that is working. I tried WordPress android app but it’s problematic with its editor.  It lags when trying to publish a post with an image attached. Would be great if they’ll fix the issue.  Right now I’m […]

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Javascript Error: too much recursive with SetTimeOut

Got an error when I tried to run a function with parameters using SetTimeOut. My code is something like this:

Which results to an error of too much recursive. The fixed is just call it into a function:

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How to add or generate a unique id for the body using url

As a website developer, it is very useful for me to create an id for each pages of the website that I am creating. Creating pages with unique styles from other pages will need a unique id to target a specific page. For a solution we are going to generate an id from our unique page urls of each pages on our website. This may apply to other cms using php language as we will be using php in this example.

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Using CPanel Redirect without www to www url (canonical url)

Problem: There are issues on the difference between having “www” ahead of our url/domain of our website ( canonical url ) and without “www” on SEO area. So I am going to show you a simple way of redirecting your domain that has no www or adding www to your domain using CPanel. Solution: 1. […]

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Show All Facebook Friends' Status

Did you ever wonder why some of your facebook friends has no facebook status on your wall?  And sometimes thinking that some of your facebook friends already deleted you on their facebook friendslist. You noticed that some of your facebook friends didnt interact and seems they have’nt updated their facebook status for months. The reason […]

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Snippet for a simple form example

A simple snippet posted here as a note and for all those who are looking with the form submit example. A very simple example that demontrates on creating a form with a submit and action.

The snippet would get the data submitted by a user using the form and will send an email to the admin.

First let’s create a page with the form ,let’s name it as our index.html.

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Tips: Easy way of navigating your always visited directory or folder

And Go to the desktop where our shortcut for the directory is saved and right click on it. Then click the properties and the tab shortcut. And then highlight the textbox for the shortcut key and start to click your shortcut key. For example I clicked Ctrl key and Alt and the letter W key for me to have a Ctrl+Alt+W shortcut keys for my folder or directory.

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Titanium Appcelerator: [ERROR] Failed installing com.appcelerator.titanium: pkg: /data/local/tmp/app.apk

This is another error I encountered in running Kitchen sink on my Titanium Appcelerator : [ERROR] Failed installing com.appcelerator.titanium: pkg: /data/local/tmp/app.apk

I got this error after trying to run kitchensink and it was about to install the application on the device which is the emulator for now and i got the error [ERROR] Failed installing com.appcelerator.titanium: pkg: /data/local/tmp/app.apk .

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