Don’t limit yourself in learning.

Keep on digging the universe while you are breathing.

It Started When…

I still remember from my childhood days dreaming to become an engineer as the career I’m going to take. My father taught me to love mathematics as early as 5yrs old. I still remember I cried in front of a blackboard because I got a wrong answer for the sum of 7 plus 7.

And really it did help me on elementary education until college and I took up Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.

But my dream career suddenly changed when we had a plant tour and found out the reality that a computer program that operates the plant replaced the nine electrical engineers and caused me to panic and started to study programming.

I started with desktop programming using Visual Basic language. I enjoyed creating applications on hacking passwords using visual basic and interfaced the program with a hardware like stepper motor with camera on it. I love to see things worked from a piece of code and that is how I started loving programming.

Currently, I’m more on creating plugins and web development as it feeds my mouth the same time gives me time to surf the internet and to be updated on the technologies that are coming.

I even programmed a facebook application that auto post, shares links and schedule a status to be posted in a certain time. I just love weird things, new things about programming and I hope to see myself equipped of the skills I needed to continue with my career of interest.

As a Programmer…

I always look on ways how to make things easier to do with programming. Programming has helped me in all ways specially in automating things, taking notes and setting my priorities in place.

End products may it be in software applications, plugins or websites will define what kind of a programmer I am. I tried to make it a point that in everything I do I must put my heart into it 100%.

On pursuing Engineering title…

I still remember that one of the reasons I like to have an engineering title is to protect my loved ones from lofty, snobbish and haughty people these days.

But for myself, I’m satisfied with where I am today. And thank God I can eat three times a day with snacks.

10 years from now I will be…

God willing if I’m still alive, I can see myself in a beach programming. If God gives me a wife, then probably I am with her watching the waves kissed the white sand. Having a cold drink in my left hand while my right hand is holding my notebook watching my stocks rising.

Other skills that I wished I have started it earlier…

My father is a good carpenter, electrician, plumber and any skills on building houses. If he was privileged to go to school, maybe he is a good engineer. I have wished that I had those skills like my father earlier so that I can continue building my dream house. He is really good in everything that’s why I admire him not only as a father but as a person. I wish I still have time to learn them all while I am not yet on a white beach.

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