I have been in less than a month with the Exponent CMS team. Exponent is an exciting cms you could love working with in a long run. It may not yet on the top with the leading cms like Drupal, WordPress and etc.. but we are moving on that direction.

I am currently studying the cms from outside to its inside. I started working with themes for their clients website. As I working with admin configuration for managing active modules, the forms is not showing.
One of the developers of Exponent Cms who is my mentor fixed the problem I encountered.

Exponent CMS: Manage Active Modules Form is not showing when you clicked the “Manage Active Modules” on Adding Module through the container or on the Exponent Admin tab.


1. Go to /framework/modules/core/views/expModule/manage.tpl

2. Change Line 145 into this:

Some modules were using the class “hide” and get conflict with the “Manage Module .

Hope this helps.. Enjoy using Exponent CMS!! 🙂