Adding favicon in your wordpress site is not that hard. There are many available plugins in the wordpress that will let you add favicons into your website. Favicons left something in the mind of your visitors everytime they visit your website than leaving it blank. Favicon is the icon you will see before your domain name of your website in the address bar.

This is how to add favicon in your website:

1. Create backup of all the files that we are going to update.
2. If you have static website just add this piece of a code in between the head tags.

3. Save it and upload it to your server.
4. Clear the cache in your browser then that’s it.

If you are using wordpress cms this is how you will do:
1. Create a backup of your header.php of your current theme.
2. Insert this line of code after the tags , just make it sure it is in between the tag and not under a condition block of code in php.

3. Make it sure the path_to_your_icon_file is existing. It may be an image of 20px by 20px of jpg or in ico filetype.

Thanks, hope it helps.