To add styles by using fonts that are not default in machines like Verdana, Tahoma and etc, we need to add our font in our server.

Fonts in eot filetype are the fonts that we will be needing. Because the font that are available in our machines are in ttf typically, we need to convert it into eot filetype.

I searched the net to look for application that will convert ttf font type to eot. I found an online application that will do the conversion from ttf to eot font type.  I found it at Kirsle website, click this.

After the conversion you will ask to download the converted eot filetype. Then you can upload it to your server and you can start using it by src in your style file.

This is how you will add your custom font font-face/font-family in your css file  that you are trying to embed to your website.

We are going to define first our font to Sherkfont as your custom font.

Hope that helps.