To do a backup for all your wordpress websites is not that hard to implement. Actually there are plugins right now in wordpress that will able you to backup and download your database straight from your browser.

In creating a backup of your sites, wordpress in particular, all you need is to have the following account in your host and database server. Because we are going to backup the things we will need to revert our wordpress website if anything happens wrong.

We will backup our database and also our website directory in the base directory of our host server.

To backup our database:

1. Login in using cpanel and go with phpmyadmin with the account provided. Try to use phpmyadmin in doing backups with your database it is a lot easier than ssh.

2. In PhpMyAdmin,  select your database you want to backup, it is usually in the left side of your window.

3. After you select your database, you will see the tables of your database in your center content of the browser. Then click Export link at the header.

4. Select all the tables and click Go at the rightmost bottom of the window.

5. You are prompt to download the file of your database then save it in your machine.

And last, we are going to backup our directory sites.

1. Login in your cpanel or if you have ftp client then that is a lot easier.

2. If you are using ftp client, all you need to do is select the directory of your site or the files inside the /public_html to your drive.

3. If we are using cpanel, use the filemanager and then compress the files inside the /public_html if your website is at the base directory.

4. Then download the compressed files into your drive.

So that is how easy to backup your wordpress site. You’ll  only need to export your database and compressed your directory site.  Then download the database exported and the compressed file into your directory.