It has been very effective for the celebrities, politicians, store owners to have their own facebook page. Facebook fan page in some terms where facebook users are able to become a fan to their facebook fan page. The owner of the Facebook fan page would be able to create an interaction to their fans and their fans also can spread the news of the fan page by recommending it to their friends in facebook. And the best part of it is advertisement. You are able to broadcast it to your fans and to the friends of your fans in your fan page.
I will start by helping you on how to create your facebook fan page.
1. Create a facebook account if you dont have an account yet.
2. Login to your facebook account.
3. Navigate to the bottom of your page and you should see the links “About Advertising Developers Careers Terms • Find Friends Privacy MobileHelp Center”
4. Click Advertising link.
5. The default menu you are in is advertising and beside that Advertising link header is the Pages link click that.
6. Then you can start to create your page by clicking the green button Create a Page.

7. Fill at the fields and you are ready to go.

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