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Photo by premasagar

Photo by premasagar
I’ve been using Contact Form 7 plugins in my wordpress websites. Contact Form 7 helped me a lot on integrating forms that will gather informations from my clients and visitors in my wordpress websites. Contact Form 7 wordpress plugins comes with some settings that will easily do the customizations such as adding new fields in your contact forms like upload fields. Upload fields in Contact Form 7 wordpress plugins works pretty when configured correctly. I can set it for you just hit the button at the right side “Get Me Something Like This” or the “Quick Fix” .
For now, I will share something to you about how to insert contact form 7 code to your wordpress templates. So i would assumed that you already know how to use contact form 7 through wp-admin pages configurations, if not then you can contact me on that. So we’ll start:

1. Add a new contact profile using the contact form 7 settings in your wp-admin.
2. Add the fields that you needed for your form.
3. Grab the form name that looks like this

[php][ contact-form 2 "MyForm" …][/php]

which is added normally to the wordpress page or wordpress post.
4. In wordpress templates, all we need to do is to echo it inside our wordpress templates.

echo do_shortcode(‘[ contact-form 2 "MyForm" …]’);

That’s it, save and apply that template to your page or wordpress post.

If your happy with my post , i would appreciate for any comments or some donates to have a meal for today. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank You. ๐Ÿ™‚