I have come up with this after they did’nt provide a user interface like wordpress has offered. I was tasked to look for a better free auto responder and was pointed to Infinite Responder. So i need to install it to one of the server and see if it will satisfy our needs in sending emails to our subscribers. So for this tutorial, I will share to you how to install Infinite Responder to your server. But before that check the requirements of the application if your server has all of it.

1. Download the application at infinite responder site.

2. Upload it to your server to the directory you wished.

3. Extract it.

4. This is the part for you to set your database. First create a database for this application.

5.  Then edit the config.php of infinite responder and supply the values of the database name,host server, user and password.

6. And if everything is alright and no problem in your installations then you are ready to go. You can set your configuration at http://yourdomain.com/infinite_responder_directory/admin.php

Just drop comments if you have problems encountered or you can avail our quick fix at the right sidebar.

Thanks and hope that helps.