Ever wonder how we can install in our server multiple wordpress websites in a limited database. Let us say the hosting server gives only one database for us and we need to create multiple wordpress websites in it by using subdomains. For example, I would like to make my website https://sherkspear.com has 4 major wordpress websites like https://sherkspear.com/personal, https://sherkspear.com/clients , https://sherkspear.com/work and https://sherkspear.com/store . So with that example I should add 4 wordpress websites from my existing https://sherkspear.com . And our problem is we have only one database to use.

With the given, we have one database , an existing website and we need to add numbers of wordpress websites. This is how we will do it:

We can see that at the last field there is a table prefix. That is the one that we are going to use or abused . 🙂
So with that, the next wordpress table prefix would be wp_2 , wp_3, wp_4 and so on…
It will not mixed with the other data of other websites that existed.
So i hope that helps. If you have question just contact me or hit the link Quick Fix.