FTP is one way of uploading files to the server or downloading files from the server. We will be using ftp clients to get connected to our server. We need also the account provided by the server admin where we can upload or download our files to the server.

For example we need to upload a picture to our server.

Here is what we need to be able to add photo/photos using ftp to the server.

1. FTP Client
— You can download free ftp client here http://filezilla-project.org/download.php?type=client
— Download And Install the right version for your system.

2. Then fill the fields above with your account:


Host: ftp.sherskpear.com
Username: yourname@sherkspear.com
Port: 21

—-Then Click QuickConnect

3. The left window of the Filezilla are the files available in your computer and the right window are the files that are currently in the server https://sherkspear.com/directory_example/

4. For you to be able to get the link of your files in the server for download just add the filename at http://sherskpear.com/directory_example/ . So for example, I downloaded button.jpg to the server so the link for downloads should be https://sherkspear.com/directory_example/button.jpg

That’s it . I hope that helps if you have questions just click the right sidebar Quick Fix or Contact Me.