I’m using Yosemite OS  and I am trying to install mysql on my system. So I downloaded mysql for Mac OS in dmg archive from http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/mysql/, After it was downloaded, I extracted it and run the installer. By default, it will be installed at /usr/local/ directory.

So setting our mysql, we want our terminal discover our mysql installation by adding a Path entry to our bash profile. So here’s how I add it.
First, navigate to our user directory
>>cd ~
Next, create the file .bash_profile if it was not yet created.
>>vi .bash_profile
So the file will be open for inserts and then we add an export entry for our mysql Path.

export PATH=${PATH}:/usr/local/mysql/bin

Save the file. Restart terminal.

To check if our mysql is running.

>>mysql —-version

This should return the version of our mysql.