Being a programmer and themer, and as times goes by, I become more interested in doing my programs not only readable and developer friendly giving them the option to expand what I did through hooks. Likewise to my stylesheets, I feel happy when it’s clean and in order. Easy to modify, easily to understand.

Most of my projects are done by a team and so working with a team is one of the truths is you have different standards and you can’t enforce them to do things with our standards. I don’t enforce my standards but when it’s time for me to work on the stylesheets I make it a point it’s from my standards :D.


And so one of the steps I’m making to make it clean is to convert the messy stylesheets to SASS using online converter ( ) and compile the generated SASS back to CSS using .. puff it’s compiled beautifully and now I’m happy 😉 .

For easy formatting css :