Life is…

Life is too short to make it complicated. Make it simple and well-planned.

Goals in Life…

To live peacefully and content with all the things I acquired.

Personal Goals…

Many people only realized that they lived life not on what they loved when they are already old and it’s too late for them to correct things. They got wrong because people failed to determine what they love and what they want to do with their lives.

It is important to determine our personal goals at the beginning of our journey because at the end, these will become our basis of our personal satisfaction.

I made three levels or faces for myself, which are the spiritual, personal and career. Creating this kind of separation will help me define my goals and aspirations in life. I can say that Personal level could be the least of them if not second. Because personal levels of happiness focus to my own happiness. I thought that this is just too selfish to make this as my priority.

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