Sherk Skills Landing Pages Plugin

  • Started on : 2015
  • Web Technologies : Php Programming/ Web / Ajax / JQuery / HTML
  • Completed on : April 2015
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== Description ==

Landing pages for your skills with videos and websites references of your trainings.Widgets and shortcodes are implemented for displays.

It is now easy to present our set of skills to be added to our Personal WordPress Websites. The plugin creates post type for skills having featured image into it.

The best thing about the plugin is that you are able to replace all the skills tag that found at the content sitewide with the link to your skills landing page.

You can also add your skills to your widgets area through widget functionality. A carousel of featured images from your skills are added to your widget contents.

Added shortcode functionality to display a carousel of skills [sherkbreakerskills title=”These are my Skills”] .

Create landing pages for your skills with description, trainings, related videos and related links. Search the contents of the website with your skills tags and replaced links to your skills landing page. Widgets with beautiful carousel using featured images set to your landing pages.

== Installation ==

This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. BACKUP everything before you install the plugin.
  2. Upload sherk-skills directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. Update the Permalinks on settings.
  5. SherkSkills post type should now available at dashboard and start creating sherkskills post type.

Basic Instruction on Creating a SherkSkill Post types

  1. Create Sherk Skill Post Type
  2. Add Sherk Skill tag at the upper right on the edit Sherk Skill view.
  3. Add Sherk Skill category.
  4. Add Featured Image for the Sherk Skill which is to be shown at the frontend and Widgets.
  5. Add Website References for your Skills.
  6. Add Video References for your Skills.
  7. Add the Sherk Skill widgets to your widget area.
  8. Added shortcode functionality to display a carousel of skills. ex.

    These are my Skills

Display Slideshow using Dashboard Widget

  1. Go to Dashboard-> Appearance -> Widgets (/wp-admin/widgets.php)
  2. Look for Sherk Skills Slider Widget and drag it to the widget region you would like it to be shown.
  3. Configure your Sherk Skills Slider Widget, add title and save.

Display Slideshow using Shortcode

  1. Shortcode template is shown at the edit/add SherkSkills post type which looks like this:
    [sherkbreakerskills title=”These are my Skills”]
  2. Copy the shortcode, paste it to the content text editor and update the title of your shortcode.

Parameters Available

Title of your Skills Slider
options: string

Detailed instruction at Dashboard-> SherkSkills->How To Use /wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=sherk_skills&page=sherkskills_info


Need Support?

You can email me directly for any plugin request or personal modification such as styles and templates at or contact me at

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