Sherk Custom Post Type Displays WordPress Plugin

Description Display custom post type items available in your choice using widgets and shortcodes. From number of items, its order and elements to display. It’s just too good to have that availability to add list of post types anywhere in your website. You can display items of custom post types of your choice almost anywhere […]

Sherk Carousel Banners Plugin

== Description == This is the plugin you need when you have to add responsive slideshows and banners in carousels for your websites. The plugin implements widgets and shortcodes on adding the slideshows/banners into your contents. Custom post type SherkBanners lets you add slides with captions and links. The good thing to this is you […]

Sherk Skills Landing Pages Plugin

== Description == Landing pages for your skills with videos and websites references of your trainings.Widgets and shortcodes are implemented for displays. It is now easy to present our set of skills to be added to our Personal WordPress Websites. The plugin creates post type for skills having featured image into it. The best thing […]

Lavender Magazine

Worked with a team of web developers. Worked on fixing the bugs and develop plugin for their website functionality.

KingField Construction Products

Worked with a team of web developers . A responsive WordPress website and my role is fix bugs on responsive issues.

Affordable Housing Collaboration

Worked with the team of web developers. My role is install a WordPress theme and add functionality that are responsive.

Yoss Baking

Worked on developing the website. From converting the PSD design to an exponent theme and adding contents and functionality to their website.

A Class Act Estate Sales

I worked with the web development . Converting the PSD files into an exponent cms. Added functionality and contents to their website until it is delivered.

St. Patrick Society of Peoria

Started working on converting their PSD design into an Exponent CMS theme. Worked on adding functionality.

Hunters Depot

This is an eCommerce website that we worked on . An Exponent Cms website with eCommerce implemented to it.

Hoeft Construction Inc.

Worked on the design of their website. Converting the PSD files into an Exponent Cms theme.

Girl Scouts

Worked on converting PSD files into an Exponent Cms theme. Added contents and functionality of the website.

Fun N Fit

Worked with the website design and Web Development. Converting PSD design files into an exponent theme.

Fire House Pizza

Worked on the web development and its functionality. Converted PSD design into an exponent cms theme.

Dixon Fisheries, Inc.

Worked on converting the PSD design into html and css for eMail newsletter.

Cosmo Finger Guard

Worked from designing the website, converting to an exponent cms theme, integrated eCommerce until it is delivered live.

Confidential Security Corp.

Worked on converting PSD design into an Exponent theme. Worked with adding contents and functionality of the website until it was delivered.

The Clubs at River City

Worked with the web development using the Exponent CMS. Converting PSD design to an exponent theme. Worked also with the adding of the functionality to the site until it was delivered live.

Click Centric SEO

An SEO website we worked at OIC . My role is to worked with the design of the website and web development. Adding the contents and functionality are also one of my roles on getting the site done.

Brennan Method

Worked their website using Exponent CMS. My role is converting the PSD design to an Exponent CMS theme. Worked also on adding functionalities to their site.


ATBS is a tax and accounting website . We used to work with their website from designing and web development using Exponent CMS. I worked on both processes and adding the content.

Ag Defense Systems

I worked on its designs and web development using Exponent CMS. Started having some versions of designs and continued on developing using Online Innovative Creations CMS the Exponent CMS.

Argan Xtreme Sports

Worked on web development using Exponent CMS. I’m working on converting PSD design files into an exponent theme. Worked from development until it was delivered to their hosting server.


I worked with the team on developing the website. My role for this website is to convert the PSD design into a cms theme.


This is the biggest project we handle as a team under the NewHelix It Solutions. We worked with the Drupal CMS and handles a huge database. Agile is first introduced on handling big projects like this.

Softball Quebec

An open forum WordPress website about SoftBall stuff. Worked with the team of Snap Web Solutions on maintenaing the website. My role is on fixing bugs and optimization of the website.

Softball Performance

Worked with the team and most of my role is with maintenance. I worked on adding plugins and on optimization of the website.

Softball Peak Performance

Most of my work on the site is maintenance. I worked with the bugs and its performance. Also adds some functionality and content upon the request of my Boss Marc.

Acne Skin Site

I worked with a Web Developer team under Snap Web Solutions.  I worked with the setup of the website on theme development. Worked with the team on optimizing their site.

Bikini Waxing

Worked with Maren of Escaping9to5 for the project Bikini Waxing around 2009 . I worked with the designing of their website and web development. Also worked on  their Facebook Fan page design.


I worked with my boss Maren under Escaping9to5 for this big project. GSpawn is known by their reality show at History Channel. I worked on designing their website for WordPress CMS. Installing plugins and it’s configurations. Adding the contents of the website until it was launch. Also worked with their Facebook Background Page and Twitter […]

The Faith And Politics

I worked with a team of Web Developers under NewHelix IT Solutions around 2008. I worked as a team lead on developing the website from information gathering, planning, designing, development until delivery and testing stage.


This is my personal website. This is a WordPress CMS website. I create plugins and configure settings that best fits of my needs. I am doing the managing of the files on my hosting server. Doing some backups and optimizations on its performance and SEO matters.This serves to be my very own portfolio as a […]

Simple Portfolio Plugin

    ==Description== Creates simple yet elegant responsive portfolio using shortcode into your page. Work samples are displayed using a fancy jquery plugin jportilio. Work samples are displayed beautifully and the template itself. This a simple plugin that showcases the projects you worked on and currently working on your personal website. Personal details are added […]

Smart Invoice and Billing Management

== Description == The plugin is ideal for the websites owned by a developer or a company that has clients. The plugin sends your clients an email that notifies them with your invoice. Record of your clients will be recorded in your database such as names, name of their companies, emails, contact numbers and etc. […]

Food Business Gross Profit Calculator Plugin

== Description == First of all this plugin is requested by my beautiful girlfriend CJ Ancog. She loves to bake cupcakes and planning create a profit out of it. This is a plugin for users who are planning for starting food business and ideal for cooking and baking websites. Create recipe post types, add ingredients […]

Smart ToDo WordPress Plugin

This is a plugin that creates Smart Todo post type. Login users has given the abilities to add a Smart ToDo post type and has the ability to add tasks on each Smart ToDo with url references and records time spent on each task. This is inspired from the Task Timer Google Chrome App.

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