Earlier, I run into an issue on my SherkSpear website with its Search functionality. I installed a bunch of search plugins from WordPress and wonder some of it may have the cause of my issue. It could be a conflict with other plugins.


Whenever I tried to search for a keyword like “WordPress” I always got a result

Nothing Found

Sorry, no results were found for your search terms. Please try again with different keywords.


So I tried to search for any solutions on forums and leads me to a wonderful WordPress plugin named Relevanssi -A better Search .



Installation of the plugin is so easy and configuration of the plugin at Settings-> Relevanssi is straightforward.

At the configuration of the plugin, you need to build a search index of your website and a button is provided on that at the settings.

But before you start to index, you have to complete the settings first by setting what post type are included in the building of index or excluded and then you can rebuild your index.

After I rebuild my search index and tried to search the keyword which I knew it’s abundant in my website and hurrrah I got a positive result and I’m satisfied with the result.