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This is a very challenging thing to me when it comes to programming specially if you are task to search a certain pattern from the website. I found it amusing when you are trying to look for a perfect regular expression to match with the pattern.

Web Resources

  • Regular Expression Cheatsheet

    This is a legal cheating that leads you to understanding. 😉
    Resource Link

  • Online Regular Expression Test

    A very good tool on creating a regular expression and to test it online.
    Resource Link

  • Regular Expression Reference

    It's good looking at the reference when studying regular expression.
    Resource Link

  • Regular Expression Delimiters Reference

    I was looking for the meaning of exclamation at regular expression and leads me to this beautiful website.
    Resource Link

  • Regular Expression Tutorial

    Another good reference
    Resource Link

  • Regular Expression Quickstart

    A good start for Regular Expression
    Resource Link

  • Another Online RegEx Tester

    An online RegEx tester with explanations provided.
    Resource Link

  • RegEx LookArounds

    This is an advance Regular Expression using Lookarounds.
    Resource Link

Video Resources

  • REGEX Tutorial Regular Expressions

    Good video tutorial at YouTube

  • Lookahead and Lookbehind Assertions

    It's in Perl but still a good tutorial