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I started working with Bootstrap when I try to learn about developing responsive websites. And it looks like it’s a great tool, framework and recipe on creating a good responsive website. From grid features, popups, forms elements , table and things that a responsive website should have is at Bootstrap. Learning Bootstrap will make you […]

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One of the best tool the internet can offer in developing a website. Adds a lot of effects to your websites and easier to target elements and apply style properties and effects.

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Regular Expression

This is a very challenging thing to me when it comes to programming specially if you are task to search a certain pattern from the website. I found it amusing when you are trying to look for a perfect regular expression to match with the pattern.

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Every web developer knows HTML.  I can describe HTML as a skeleton on building your website. A lot of resources available on the net if you want to learn HTML by yourself.

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This makes a dull website into a fantastic website. From color properties, positioning and even on hovering states. I learned CSS when I began learning with web development. It’s like a husband and wife relationship with HTML and CSS for web development. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets.

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It is a server scripting language used mostly on web development.  This is an advance way of creating dynamic web pages which is flexible and fast. Most of the CMS like WordPress, Drupal are made up of Php scripts for them to work. I started working with Php more than 10 yrs ago when my […]

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