You may wonder why when you tried to add the FBML facebook application and that you can’t find the link for you to add it to your facebook fan page. This is the solution i saw after spending minutes on looking on the link  “Add to my Page”  at the fbml application page. My eyeballs keep on rolling around the FBML page and yet can’t see that link.  But not too long i noticed that at the upper right of the FBML page there is something that suggests me to create a profile for facebook. And i create right away my profile on facebook  by clicking the link on the right top of the fbml page. After i created my facebook profile and went to my page to add the fbml application to my facebook fan page, i finally see the link  “Add to my Page” .

And there you go. The solution is to make your own facebook profile and it is better to create facebook profile before creating facebook fan page. It is because you have a big chance to encounter the same problem i had encountered.

I hope this helps.