I found a great tool actually this is window application and it’s free. I found it when i was asked to minimize the size of set of images in a folder. If i will be using photoshop in resizing the images or photos then it will take me whole day of doing the same thing. So i am forced to look for a free application on the internet and i found it. I tried it and it works well. I have resized images for almost 150 in 15minutes. It could be a lot faster in your machine since mine has limited memory only.

The name of the window application is PIXresizer. It has two tabs , “Work with one file” and “Work with multiple of files” . The tab “Work with one file” will let you resize single image at a time.  While “Work with multiple files” will let you resize the images inside a directory and output it to another directory as you wish.

You can download it here.  Extract it in your machine and install.

I hope that helps. If you have some question you can drop me a comment or hit the button  at the sidebar Request An Item.